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antipeptic an·ti·pep·tic (ān’tē-pěp’tĭk, ān’tī-)
Inhibiting the action of pepsin.


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  • Antipediculotic

    antipediculotic antipediculotic an·ti·pe·dic·u·lot·ic (ān’tē-pə-dĭk’yə-lŏt’ĭk, ān’tī-) adj. Destructive to lice. an’ti·pe·dic’u·lot’ic n.

  • Antiperiodic

    adjective (obsolete) efficacious against recurring attacks of a disease noun (obsolete) an antiperiodic drug or agent Historical Examples I have thought it advisable to restrict the term antiperiodic to the Catalytics which are used in Ague. The Action of Medicines in the System Frederick William Headland Horsfield states that the Javanese use it as a […]

  • Antiperistaltic

    reversed peristaltic action of the intestines, by which their contents are carried upward. Historical Examples antiperistaltic, an-ti-per-i-stal′tik, adj. contrary to peristaltic motion: acting upwards. Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 1 of 4: A-D) Various antiperistaltic globus may occur from various causes; and either in the intestines or the œsophagus. North American Medical and Surgical Journal, […]

  • Antiperistaltic anastomosis

    antiperistaltic anastomosis antiperistaltic anastomosis n. A surgical connection of intestinal segments to divert the normal flow of the intestinal contents.

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