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pertaining to or ; responsive.
an antiphonary.
Historical Examples

The “Ambrosian Chant” was the antiphonal plain-song arranged and systematized to statelier effect in choral symphony.
The Story of the Hymns and Tunes Theron Brown and Hezekiah Butterworth

Its structure is antiphonal as between Men, Women, and the two combined.
Select Masterpieces of Biblical Literature Various

The antiphonal song rises with eager stress of themal attack.
Symphonies and Their Meaning; Third Series, Modern Symphonies Philip H. Goepp

Then, if you like, we can chant confidences in an antiphonal chorus.
The Black Bag Louis Joseph Vance

Little by little, as the power was shut off, the antiphonal throbbing of the looms was stilled.
The Dwelling Place of Light, Complete Winston Churchill

Wild cries burst from his audience, antiphonal with his own.
Other Main-Travelled Roads Hamlin Garland

They seemed to be engaged in antiphonal praises of abstract right.
Rose MacLeod Alice Brown

Behind them the voices of Mrs. Myers and Mrs. Hill answered each other with antiphonal regularity.
Atlantic Narratives Mary Antin

But their antiphonal shout was no pine-voiced song of the sea, it was the sea itself.
Old Plymouth Trails Winthrop Packard

The cocks wake up if there is the faintest moonshine and begin an antiphonal service between responsive barn-yards.
Baddeck and That Sort of Thing Charles Dudley Warner

sung or recited in alternation
another word for antiphonary

1719, from antiphon + -al. Related: Antiphonally.


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