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antiport an·ti·port (ān’tē-pôrt’)
A mechanism for the coupled transport of two different molecules or ions through a membrane in opposite directions.


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  • Antiphrastical

    the use of a word in a sense opposite to its proper meaning. noun (rhetoric) the use of a word in a sense opposite to its normal one, esp for ironic effect n. 1530s, from Latin antiphrasis, from Greek antiphrasis, from antiphrazein “to express (something) by the opposite,” from anti- (see anti-) + phrazein “to […]

  • Antiprothrombin

    antiprothrombin antiprothrombin an·ti·pro·throm·bin (ān’tē-prō-thrŏm’bĭn, ān’tī-) n. An anticoagulant that inhibits or prevents the conversion of prothrombin into thrombin.

  • Antipsychiatry

    noun an approach to mental disorders that makes use of concepts derived from existentialism, psychoanalysis, and sociological theory

  • Antipyresis

    checking or preventing fever. an antipyretic agent. adjective preventing or alleviating fever noun an antipyretic remedy or drug “reducing fever; that which reduces fever,” 1680s, from anti- + Greek pyretos “fever, burning heat,” related to pyr “fire” (see fire (n.)) + -ic. antipyretic an·ti·py·ret·ic (ān’tē-pī-rět’ĭk, ān’tī-) n. An agent that reduces or prevents fever. Also […]

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