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a containing antibodies, as antitoxins or agglutinins, obtained by inoculation of animals and used for injection into other animals to provide immunity to a specific disease.
Historical Examples

Numerals represent relative amounts of reaction between antigens and antisera.
Myology and Serology of the Avian Family Fringillidae William B. Stallcup

All antisera were produced in rabbits (laboratory stock of Oryctolagus cuniculus).
Myology and Serology of the Avian Family Fringillidae William B. Stallcup

Only three antisera were produced against formolized antigens, all others being produced against “native” extracts.
Myology and Serology of the Avian Family Fringillidae William B. Stallcup

noun (pl) -rums, -ra (-rə)
blood serum containing antibodies against a specific antigen, used to treat or provide immunity to a disease

antiserum an·ti·se·rum (ān’tĭ-sēr’əm)
A serum containing antibodies that are specific for one or more antigens. Also called immune serum.
Plural antiserums or antisera
Human or animal serum containing one or more antibodies that are specific for one or more antigens and are administered to confer immunity. The antibodies in an antiserum result from previous immunization or exposure to an agent of disease. See also acquired immunity.


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