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a vessel that can be submerged and navigated under water, usually built for warfare and armed with torpedoes or guided missiles.
something situated or living under the surface of the sea, as a plant or animal.
Chiefly Northeastern and North Midland U.S. a hero sandwich.
situated, occurring, operating, or living under the surface of the sea:
a submarine mountain.
of, relating to, or carried on by a submarine or submarines:
submarine warfare.
to participate in the operating of a submarine.
to move or slide under something.

to be thrown under the steering wheel of the vehicle one is driving during a frontal crash.
to be thrown out of one’s seat belt in such a crash.

to attack or sink by submarine.
Contemporary Examples

antisubmarine warfare (ASW) has not stagnated, but it shows signs of disarray.
Tomorrow’s Stealthy Subs Could Sink America’s Navy Bill Sweetman May 11, 2014

(of weapons, missiles, etc) designed to combat or destroy submarines
(of warfare, tactics, etc) against submarines
a vessel, esp one designed for warfare, capable of operating for protracted periods below the surface of the sea Often shortened to sub

of or relating to a submarine: a submarine captain
occurring or situated below the surface of the sea: a submarine cable


1640s, from sub- + marine (adj.).

“submarine boat,” 1899, from submarine (adj.). The short form sub is first recorded 1917. Submarine sandwich (1955) so called from the shape of the roll.


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