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of the nature of or involving .
directly opposed or contrasted; opposite.
Historical Examples

While Jacobi stood in an antithetic relation to the Kantian philosophy, Fichte appears as its immediate consequence.
A History of Philosophy in Epitome Albert Schwegler

From this point of view, there is properly no antithetic of pure reason.
The Critique of Pure Reason Immanuel Kant

As to the last three, Jimmy the first and Johnny the second of the same family are antithetic.
Criminal Types V. M. Masten

But the heresy was as incoherent and as credulous as the antithetic orthodoxy.
The Promise Of American Life Herbert David Croly

antithetic and axiomatic sentences abound in his pages, embodying literally the wisdom of the many in the wit of one.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 11, Slice 3 Various

To one familiar with Parisian ways these antithetic notices promised a beautiful scrimmage.
Paris and the Social Revolution Alvan Francis Sanborn

The body consists of two antithetic parts (antimera), and has no trace of radial structure.
The Wonders of Life Ernst Haeckel

It is only in the vocabulary of very careless thinkers that the words truth and fiction are regarded as antithetic.
Materials and Methods of Fiction Clayton Hamilton

But, at all events, there is terrible decisiveness about these antithetic propositions.
Expositor’s Bible: The Epistles of St. John William Alexander

His periods are antithetic; each contains a surprise and a witty point.
English Literature, Considered as an Interpreter of English History Henry Coppee


“containing an antithesis,” c.1600, from Greek antithetikos “setting in opposition,” from antithetos “placed in opposition,” from antithesis (see antithesis).


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