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opposing or intended to restrain , monopolies, or other large combinations of business and capital, especially with a view to maintaining and promoting competition:
antitrust legislation.
Contemporary Examples

Howard Kurtz and Daniel Stone on the antitrust probe that’s shocking rivals.
Google’s Lobbying Blitz Howard Kurtz, Daniel Stone June 23, 2011

This is naïve: what the owners feared was losing their exemption from antitrust laws.
In Defense of A-Roid Allen Barra September 4, 2014

His influence on antitrust law–already monumental would have been staggering.
What if Bork Hadn’t Been Borked? Justin Green December 18, 2012

antitrust cases are notoriously tricky to prove, and could be especially so in this case.
Antitrust Suit Could Bring Down Google Dan Lyons April 26, 2012

The report had one definite effect: rumblings about the antitrust exemption ceased.
In Defense of A-Roid Allen Barra September 4, 2014

Historical Examples

The Congress has not heretofore made any appropriation for the better enforcement of the antitrust law as it now stands.
State of the Union Addresses of Theodore Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt

In my message of a year ago I commented on the necessity of congressional inquiry into the economic action of the antitrust laws.
State of the Union Addresses of Herbert Hoover Herbert Hoover

Relief of the railroads from certain restrictions of the antitrust law have been urged by my predecessor and will be urged by me.
United States Presidents’ Inaugural Speeches Various

The antitrust law should not be repealed; but it should be made both more efficient and more in harmony with actual conditions.
State of the Union Addresses of Theodore Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt

The appropriation of sufficient funds to permit proper enforcement of the present antitrust laws is essential.
State of the Union Addresses of Harry S. Truman Harry S. Truman

(modifier) (mainly US) regulating or opposing trusts, monopolies, cartels, or similar organizations, esp in order to prevent unfair competition

also anti-trust, 1890, U.S., from anti- + trust (n.) in the economic monopoly sense.


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