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having .
decorated with .
Historical Examples

Then he proudly raised his antlered head and stood a moment sniffing the air.
At Boarding School with the Tucker Twins Nell Speed

The elk raised his proud, antlered head and looked in my direction.
A Woman Tenderfoot Grace Gallatin Seton-Thompson

They lacked not food; the forest was filled with grazing deer and antlered stags.
Historical Tales, Vol. 4 (of 15) Charles Morris

He and 109 his antlered cows were migrating southward by slow stages.
The Heart of the Ancient Wood Charles G. D. Roberts

She is used to pursuing that fleet and antlered pride of the forest—the stag—and she can go like billyo.
The Wouldbegoods E. Nesbit

But there were no vast swards nor pleasure-grounds nor Parks of antlered deer in Cherryvale.
Missy Dana Gatlin

Sometimes, when the sun was low, a shadow—an antlered shadow—slipped through like a fantasy.
The Prophet of the Great Smoky Mountains Charles Egbert Craddock

An antlered stag in the blue-coat that brooks no other near his herd!
The Little Red Foot Robert W. Chambers

Finally, with trembling limbs the antlered deer slackened its speed before the open door of a chapel in the midst of the wildwood.
Vanished Halls and Cathedrals of France George Warton Edwards

The great wolf of the North does not stand at bay to the antlered people.
The Sky Line of Spruce Edison Marshall


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