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Marcus, .
Historical Examples

As the crowd from the Agora also poured forth, Antonius was finally left on the tribunal sitting alone.
Plutarch’s Lives, Volume IV Aubrey Stewart

Don’t you see that the Kalends are approaching, and no Antonius?
The Letters of Cicero, Volume 1 Marcus Tullius Cicero

The first eight pages of the bibliography of bibliographies extend to Antonius Possevinus (inclusive).
A History of Bibliographies of Bibliographies Archer Taylor

Antonius was at this time Consul, as Cæsar himself also was.
The New Hudson Shakespeare: Julius Caesar William Shakespeare

The first is included in the title to the first section of the grammar, Antonius Nebrissensis.
Diego Collado’s Grammar of the Japanese Language Diego Collado

“The Lions will be admirable,” cried Antonius with a glance of pride at his brother.
Homo Sum, Complete Georg Ebers

Antonius, in Cicero’s books of the Orator, calls it a sort of observation and not an art.
The Training of a Public Speaker Grenville Kleiser

“Only let me stay till Antonius and Jethro come back,” begged the girl.
Homo Sum, Complete Georg Ebers

If Antonius would not give way, martial law was to be declared.
A Friend of Caesar William Stearns Davis

His men deserted their ranks; the army of Antonius steadily advanced.
Historic Tales, Volume 11 (of 15) Charles Morris

Marcus (ˈmɑːkəs) Latin name of (Mark) Antony


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