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Any more

any longer.
nowadays; presently.
any longer; still; now or from now on; nowadays: he does not work here any more

one-word form by 1865, from any + more.


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  • Any number of

    Many; also, no particular amount of. The meaning here depends on the context. I can give you any number of reasons for John’s absence means I can offer many reasons. Any number of subscribers might stay home means that an unknown number will not attend.

  • Any old

    any old adjective phrase Having only ordinary or mediocre quality; of no special distinction: Any old car will do me No particular, whichever or whatever, as in Any old brand of detergent suits me. [ ; mid-1800s ]

  • Anyplace

    . Contemporary Examples But little is ideal in America or anyplace else, and heroism on the cheap is a defining aspect of our commercial culture. MLK Statue Shows America’s Bad Side Stanley Crouch August 29, 2011 The city has more than 140,000 hotel rooms—more than anyplace in the world—with an average daily rate of $114 […]

  • Any port in a storm

    any port in a storm In an emergency, we will accept help from any source and in any place, even from an unpleasant person. Any solution to a difficult situation (is better than none), as in John’s plan isn’t ideal, but any port in a storm. This metaphor was first recorded in 1749.

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