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[shoo-zaw] /ˈʃu zɔ/ (Show IPA), 1844–1914, first Japanese ambassador to U.S., 1905–09.
Contemporary Examples

Aoki says she is surprised by how little attention the education emergency in West Africa has garnered.
The Radio Battle to Educate Ebola’s Kids Abby Haglage December 10, 2014

I remember I got paid $4K and spent $7K building Aoki boxes (a very early version of the stage letters people know today).
DJ Steve Aoki: To Cake or Not To Cake Steve Aoki August 7, 2014

Historical Examples

Upon which Colonel Aoki smiled a smile indescribably happy as if he welcomed the order and exclaimed, It has come at last!
Human Bullets Tadayoshi Sakurai

Ambassador Aoki then referred to the naturalization of his countrymen in the United States.
Under Four Administrations Oscar S. Straus

This was the first word of command Colonel Aoki gave his subordinates at their departure to the front.
Human Bullets Tadayoshi Sakurai

Colonel Aoki called me before him and told me most gravely: I congratulate you on your promotion.
Human Bullets Tadayoshi Sakurai

Colonel Aoki stood in the midst of that as firm and unflinching as Ni- or Fud, staring at the enemy with steady gaze.
Human Bullets Tadayoshi Sakurai

Whereupon Colonel Aoki ordered all his captains, Whole line begin firing from the right.
Human Bullets Tadayoshi Sakurai

At last the reserve in the hands of Colonel Aoki was reduced to two companies of infantry and one of engineers.
Human Bullets Tadayoshi Sakurai


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