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Aortorenal bypass

aortorenal bypass

aortorenal bypass a·or·to·re·nal bypass (ā-ôr’tō-rē’nəl)
A shunt between the aorta and the distal renal artery to circumvent an obstruction of the renal artery.


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  • Aortorrhaphy

    aortorrhaphy aortorrhaphy a·or·tor·rha·phy (ā’ôr-tôr’ə-fē) n. Suture of the aorta.

  • Aortosclerosis

    aortosclerosis aortosclerosis a·or·to·scle·ro·sis (ā-ôr’tō-sklə-rō’sĭs) n. Arteriosclerosis of the aorta.

  • Aortotomy

    aortotomy aortotomy a·or·tot·o·my (ā’ôr-tŏt’ə-mē) n. Incision into the aorta.

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    aosb Arctic Ocean Science Board

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