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Trademark. .
variant of before p: appear.
variant of before a vowel or h: aphelion.
account paid.
accounts payable.
authority to pay or purchase.
additional premium.
author’s proof.
Contemporary Examples

Kai will be sent back to New Jersey, where his bail is set at $3 million, Romankow told the AP.
Kai the Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker, Viral Star, Now an Alleged Killer Marlow Stern May 16, 2013

The AP said the information came from the U.S., Israel and two other Western countries.
Iran’s Nuke Computer Modeling Ali Gharib September 10, 2012

“I feel the security system [at the embassies] is no good,” Bacile told the AP.
Anti-Muslim Movie Maker a Meth Cooker Christine Pelisek September 12, 2012

AP let me return to a job that is more like a mission, just as Anja returned, and I know eventually, Kathy will return too.
Remembering My Sisters in Danger, The AP’s Anja Niedringhaus and Kathy Gannon Kimberly Dozier April 3, 2014

AP exams taken by students who also took an IB or AICE exam in the same subject area were subtracted from the total.
America’s Best High Schools 2013: Behind the Rankings Lauren Streib May 5, 2013

Historical Examples

To Gruffyth AP Conan he offered “mountaines of gold to send the said Gruffyth or his head to him.”
The Itinerary of Archbishop Baldwin through Wales Giraldus Cambrensis

The AP man put his hand over the phone and called across the desk.
Make Mine Homogenized Rick Raphael

APatite, AP′a-tīt, n. a phosphate of lime of great variety of colour.
Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 1 of 4: A-D) Various

“Seven and fourpence ‘AP’ny—most of it beer,” said the child.
The Tinted Venus F. Anstey

She was pale about the gills, and trembled like AP aspen leaf shaken by the wind.
Peck’s Sunshine George W. Peck

son of: occurring as part of some surnames of Welsh origin: ap Thomas
Air Police
Associated Press
a variant of apo- aphelion
(obsolete) (in prescriptions, etc) ante prandium

See advanced placement

abbreviation of Associated Press, first recorded 1879; the organization was founded May 1848 as co-operative news gathering effort among New York City newspaper publishers covering the war with Mexico.

form of Latin ad- before words beginning in -p-; see ad-.

patronymic prefix in Welsh names, earlier map “son,” cognate with Gaelic mac. Since 17c. merged into surnames (Ap Rhys = Price, Ap Evan = Bevan, etc.).

It is said that a Welshman who evidently was not willing to be surpassed in length of pedigree, when making out his genealogical tree, wrote near the middle of his long array of ‘aps’ — “about this time Adam was born.” [“Origin and Significance of our Names,” “The Chautauquan,” Oct. 1887-July 1888]

ap. abbr.

ap- 1
Variant of ad-.

ap- 2
Variant of apo-.
access point
adjective phrase
advanced placement
air police
American plan
Armed Forces Pacific
Associated Press
additional premium
author’s proof
account paid
accounts payable
authority to pay
authority to purchase


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