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with speed; quickly; swiftly.
Historical Examples

Preparations went on apace, and before the last of April the repairs on the house were completed.
Walter Harland Harriet S. Caswell

Work apace, apace, apace, apace; Honest labour bears a lovely face.
David Elginbrod George MacDonald

As the work approached completion, he says, death drew on apace.
A Handful of Stars Frank W. Boreham

The work went on apace, but in a very few years there came a serious check.
Oxford Frederick Douglas How

Wilt thou go forth to meet them, / apace do thou prepare, That not within the castle / their coming we await.
The Nibelungenlied Unknown

Since this was written the double process has gone on apace.
Progress and History Various

As night came on apace, the full moon hung tangled in a knot of pines.
The Hill of Venus Nathan Gallizier

The catching went on apace, and there were scant hands for the work.
An Iceland Fisherman Pierre Loti

There was a new shuffle of the cards in the hands of the Fates and the Furies as the seventeenth century moved on apace.
The Columbia River William Denison Lyman

But even when absent from Rome their work there went on apace.
The Contemporary Review, January 1883 Various

quickly; rapidly

mid-14c., from a pace, literally “at a pace,” but usually with a sense of “at a good pace,” from a- (1) “on” + pace (n.).


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