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360?–315? b.c, Greek painter.
Historical Examples

The contest of Apelles with Protogenes consisted in striking this true limit within each other’s lines, more and more finely.
Lectures on Landscape John Ruskin

Seeing this, Apelles divided the second line, to every one’s astonishment.
Harper’s Young People, January 27, 1880 Various

He was called later by scholars, “the antiquary and Apelles of our time.”
Famous European Artists Sarah K. Bolton

Apelles was destined to bear away the palm from all his predecessors and successors.
History of Ancient Art Franz von Reber

She reminded him of the picture of the goddess of vengeance, by Apelles, which he had seen in Constantinople.
The Bride of the Nile, Complete Georg Ebers

The works of Apelles and Phidias are gone; the very Parthenon is going.
Beethoven’s Symphonies Critically Discussed Alexander Teetgen

Mary, the widow of Apelles, to the wife of Karnis, the singer.
Serapis, Complete Georg Ebers

Apelles was one of those who had Oppressive conduct of Apelles to the Achaeans.
The Histories of Polybius, Vol. I (of 2) Polybius

In the Onites Apelles the tarsi are so habitually lost, that the insect has been described as not having them.
On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection Charles Darwin

Hipponax the poet was an Ephesian, and the painters Parrhasius and Apelles.
The Geography of Strabo, Volume III (of 3) Strabo

4th century bc, Greek painter of mythological subjects, none of whose work survives, his fame resting on the testimony of Pliny and other writers

a Christian at Rome whom Paul salutes (Rom. 16:10), and styles “approved in Christ.”


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