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an instrument for measuring the angular and of the objective lens of a microscope.


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  • Aperture

    an opening, as a hole, slit, crack, gap, etc. Also called aperture stop. Optics. an opening, usually circular, that limits the quantity of light that can enter an optical instrument. Contemporary Examples His book of essays, Photography After Frank , was recently published by aperture. Hai Bo and China’s Photography Boom Philip Gefter January 19, […]

  • Aperture card

    a punched-card mounting for microfilmed pages.

  • Aperture mask

    . a perforated metal plate situated behind the faceplate of a color television picture tube and having holes aligned to insure that each of three electron beams strikes only its corresponding red, green, or blue phosphor dot. noun (television) a perforated metal sheet mounted close to the phosphor-dotted screen in some colour television tubes. The […]

  • Aperture-priority

    of or relating to a semiautomatic exposure system in which the photographer presets the aperture and the camera selects the shutter speed.

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