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a variant spelling of apheresis


Read Also:

  • Aphagia

    difficulty or pain in swallowing. noun (pathol) refusal or inability to swallow aphagia a·pha·gi·a (ə-fā’jē-ə, -jə) n. See dysphagia.

  • Aphalangia

    aphalangia aphalangia aph·a·lan·gi·a (āf’ə-lān’jē-ə, ā’fə-) n. Absence of a digit or of one or more phalanges of a finger or toe.

  • Aphakic

    lack or loss of the lens of the eye. noun absence of the lens of an eye, congenital or otherwise aphakia a·pha·ki·a (ə-fā’kē-ə) n. Absence of the crystalline lens of the eye. a·pha’ki·al or a·pha’kic (ə-fā’kĭk) adj.

  • Aphanite

    a fine-grained igneous rock having such compact texture that the constituent minerals cannot be detected with the naked eye. noun any fine-grained rock, such as a basalt, containing minerals that cannot be distinguished with the naked eye

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