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aphrasia a·phra·si·a (ə-frā’zē-ə, -zhə)
The inability to speak.


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  • Aphrodisia

    sexual desire. Historical Examples aphrodisia is to be served up at the banquet as the last dish, after the fruit. Ancient Manners Pierre Louys aphrodisia was the favourite slave, the prettiest and best-loved. Ancient Manners Pierre Louys Alexander of aphrodisia taught this world was a mixture; ii. Plotinos: Complete Works, v. 4 Plotinos (Plotinus) A […]

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    Also, aphrodisiacal [af-ruh-duh-zahy-uh-kuh l, -sahy-] /ˌæf rə dəˈzaɪ ə kəl, -ˈsaɪ-/ (Show IPA). arousing sexual desire. an aphrodisiac food, drug, potion, or other agent that arouses sexual desire. Historical Examples Thus onions are regarded as aphrodisiacal, and were so regarded by the Greeks, as we learn from Aristophanes. Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume […]

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    . a Greek statue of Venus in marble, c200 b.c., found in 1820 on Melos and now in the Louvre, Paris. Venus de Milo [(duh-mee-loh, meye-loh)] An ancient Greek statue of Venus, famous for its beauty, though its arms were broken off centuries ago. The statue is now in the Louvre.

  • Aphrodite terra

    a large plateau region that stretches approximately halfway around the middle latitude of Venus.

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