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a person who keeps an .
Contemporary Examples

An apiarist, he lives in Austin, with his wife, Lorin, their three children, and a hyperactive bird dog named Biscuit.
Let Exxon Run the Energy Dept. Robert Bryce April 7, 2009

Historical Examples

Mr. Ernest Scholl, now Assistant and apiarist, has furnished material as shown herein.
Texas Honey Plants C. E. Sanborn

Though I am, as I have said, an apiarist in good standing, I never realised that there were so many bees in the world.
A Diversity of Creatures Rudyard Kipling

LET us rather consider the proceedings of the swarm the apiarist shall have gathered into his hive.
The Life of the Bee Maurice Maeterlinck

a person who studies or keeps bees

1816; see apiary + -ist.


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