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apicitis ap·i·ci·tis (āp’ĭ-sī’tĭs, ā’pĭ-)
Inflammation of the apex of a structure or organ.


Read Also:

  • Apico-

    a combining form of or : apicodental. apico- pref. Apex: apicotomy.

  • Apicoalveolar

    articulated with the tip of the tongue in contact with or in approximation to the . an apicoalveolar speech sound.

  • Apicodental

    articulated with the tip of the tongue touching the upper front teeth. an apicodental speech sound.

  • Apicoectomy

    a surgical procedure to remove the end of a tooth root in endodontic therapy. apicoectomy ap·i·co·ec·to·my (āp’ĭ-kō-ěk’tə-mē, ā’pĭ-) n. Surgical removal of a dental root apex. Also called root resection.

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