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for each piece, thing, or person; for each one; each:
We ate an orange apiece. The cakes cost a dollar apiece.
Contemporary Examples

In 2008, 324 bundlers raised at least $100,000 apiece for Obama, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.
The Race for 2012’s Billions Peter H. Stone March 16, 2011

She has been married twice, for four years apiece, to a diplomat in Ghana and a very handsome American.
Rushka Bergman, Stylist to Michael Jackson, on Remaking Bebe Rebecca Dana September 11, 2012

Only 150 ramen burgers were made available to the public at a price of $8 apiece.
Ramen Burger’s Inventor Talks About the Food Craze Eclipsing the Cronut Marlow Stern August 8, 2013

Fetish.xxx and Shemales.xxx went for $300,000 and $200,000 apiece.
How “.XXX,” Porn’s Domain Name, Made Hundreds of Millions Alex Klein November 12, 2012

Imagine that you’ve got 10 business class passengers paying $100 apiece, and 100 tourist class passengers paying $5 apiece.
No Matter What the Supreme Court Decides, Textbooks Will Continue to Be Expensive Megan McArdle October 29, 2012

Historical Examples

The chairman allowed them five minutes apiece, and they thought time dear at a dollar a minute.
The Strength of Gideon and Other Stories Paul Laurence Dunbar

There’s no sense to it, any way,—sixteen sheep stood him in two dollars apiece.
Tip Lewis and His Lamp Pansy

I’ve spent already over forty thousand dollars without returns, and my lamps are costing almost two dollars apiece.
Famous Days in the Century of Invention Gertrude L. Stone

I’ll tell you what, I’ll give you fifty cents apiece for the lot!
Meadow Grass Alice Brown

Beautiful cigar girls sold fragrant Havanas, and bit off the ends at five cents apiece, extra.
Village Life in America 1852-1872 Caroline Cowles Richards

(postpositive) for, to, or from each one: they were given two apples apiece

1550s, a contraction of a pece (mid-15c.), originally of coins, objects for sale, etc. (see a (2) + piece (n.)).


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