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Aplanatic lens

aplanatic lens

aplanatic lens n.
A lens designed to correct spherical and coma aberration.


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  • Aplanatic

    free from spherical aberration and coma. Historical Examples A lens in which the spherical aberration is corrected is said to be aplanatic. An Elementary Text-book of the Microscope John William Griffith aplanatic triplets 64-68 can only be used on stands with rack and pinion adjustment. Microscopes and Accessory Apparatus Ernst Leitz adjective (of a lens […]

  • Aplanogamete

    a nonmotile gamete.

  • Aplanetic

    having no motility. adjective (esp of some algal and fungal spores) nonmotile or lacking a motile stage

  • Aplanospore

    (in certain algae and fungi) a nonmotile, asexual spore formed within a cell, the wall of which is distinct from that of the parent cell. noun a nonmotile asexual spore produced by certain algae and fungi

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