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in sufficient quantity; in generous amounts (usually used following the noun it modifies):
He had troubles aplenty.
sufficiently; enough; more than sparingly:
He howled aplenty when hurt.
Contemporary Examples

Those looking for historical lessons will find them aplenty.
We’re Still Fighting the Opium Wars William O’Connor August 27, 2014

Blood, guts, and gore are aplenty, but at its core is a very engaging character study of a small group of survivors.
Rob Zombie’s Top 9 Zombie Films Rob Zombie October 27, 2010

Historical Examples

I got the fire started; and there’s aplenty of wood handy arter all, for you to use as torches when you signal the camp!
The Boy Scouts in the Rockies Herbert Carter

“They had aplenty o’ hot words,” said Gimlet, shaking his head slowly.
The Lone Ranger Rides Fran Striker

Thinks I, if this machine eats up fuel like this we must e’en have enough and aplenty.
The Boy Scouts Book of Stories Various

There will be aplenty that won’t take part in that, so you won’t feel odd.
The Cottage of Delight Will N. Harben

Eminent lawmakers—Hughes, of Australia, among them—were there aplenty; but few practical business men.
The War After the War Isaac Frederick Marcosson

Of camera fiends and sketchers and notebook makers there were aplenty.
Prowling about Panama George A. Miller

Silent pedestrians walked along and searched the ground for souvenirs, of which there were aplenty.
The New York Times Current History: the European War, February, 1915 Various

Plunder there was aplenty and the holds of the Duke and the Duchess bulged with treasure.
Famous Privateersmen and Adventurers of the Sea Charles H. L. Johnston

adjective, adverb (postpositive)
in plenty

1830, originally U.S., from a- (1) + plenty (n.). First attested in writings of J. Fenimore Cooper.


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