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of or like an ; affording a revelation or prophecy.
pertaining to the or biblical book of Revelation.
predicting or presaging imminent disaster and total or universal destruction:
the apocalyptic vision of some contemporary writers.
Contemporary Examples

Some apocalyptically minded Christians read this as a description of current events.
Sorry, Evangelicals, Syria Will Not Spur the Second Coming Candida Moss September 4, 2013

outstanding in revelation, prophecy, or significance
of or like an apocalypse

1660s, “pertaining to the ‘Revelation of St. John’ in the New Testament,” from Greek apokalyptikos, from apokalyptein (see apocalypse). Meaning “pertaining to the imminent end of the world” evolved by 1880s.


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  • Apocalypticism

    any doctrine concerning the end of the temporal world, especially one based on the supposed prophetic passages in the Revelation of St. John the Divine. the millennial doctrine of the Second Advent and personal reign of Jesus Christ on earth.

  • Apocalyptist

    a writer of literature. a person who adheres to the teachings of literature concerning the signs and events preceding the end of the world. a person who holds to any teachings that predict a catastrophic end to the world.

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