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Apocrine carcinoma

apocrine carcinoma

apocrine carcinoma n.

A carcinoma composed predominantly of anaplastic cells resembling those of apocrine epithelium, often found in the breast.

A carcinoma of the apocrine glands.


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  • Apocrine gland

    apocrine gland apocrine gland n. A coiled, tubular gland whose secretory cells accumulate their products on their apical surfaces that are then pinched off to become the secretion, as in the mammary glands. Apocrine sweat gland.

  • Apocrine metaplasia

    apocrine metaplasia apocrine metaplasia n. Transformation of acinar epithelium of breast tissue to resemble apocrine sweat glands, as in fibrocystic disease of the breast.

  • Apocrine sweat gland

    apocrine sweat gland apocrine sweat gland n. Any of numerous sweat glands found primarily in the skin of the armpit, pubic region, and areolae of the breasts that produce a secretion that is more viscous than that formed by the eccrine glands. Secretions from these glands occur most frequently during periods of emotional stress or […]

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