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  • Apoenzyme

    the protein component that with a coenzyme forms a complete . noun a protein component that together with a coenzyme forms an enzyme apoenzyme ap·o·en·zyme (āp’ō-ěn’zīm) n. The protein component of an enzyme that combines with the coenzyme to form the active enzyme. apoenzyme (āp’ō-ěn’zīm) The protein component of an enzyme, to which the coenzyme […]

  • Apodyterium

    n. 1690s, from Latin apodyterium “undressing room” (in a bath house), from Greek apodyterion “undressing room,” from apodyein “to put off, undress,” from apo- “off” (see apo-) + dyein “to put on, enter, go in.” Historical Examples The dressing room, apodyterium, was usually entered from the court through a passageway or anteroom. Pompeii, Its Life […]

  • Apoferritin

    a homogeneous protein, found especially in the intestinal mucosa and the liver, that interacts with a ferric hydroxide-ferric phosphate complex to form . apoferritin ap·o·fer·ri·tin (āp’ə-fěr’ĭ-tĭn) n. A protein present in the intestinal mucosa that binds and stores iron by combining with a ferric hydroxide-phosphate compound to form ferritin.

  • Apogamy

    the asexual development of a sporophyte from a cell or cells of the gametophyte other than the egg. Historical Examples apogamy, of course, answers to indiscriminate isolation, or separate breeding. Darwin, and After Darwin (Vol 3 of 3) George John Romanes Other names for indiscriminate isolation are separate breeding and apogamy. The Making of Species […]

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