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aponeurositis ap·o·neu·ro·si·tis (āp’ə-nur’ə-sī’tĭs, -nyur’-)
Inflammation of an aponeurosis.


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  • Aponeurotic

    a whitish, fibrous membrane that connects a muscle to a bone or fascia. Historical Examples In this species the central, aponeurotic portion of the m. iliotibialis is absent. Myology and Serology of the Avian Family Fringillidae William B. Stallcup In one leg, the posterior edge of the origin is aponeurotic. Variation in the Muscles and […]

  • Aponeurotic fibroma

    aponeurotic fibroma aponeurotic fibroma n. A calcifying, recurrent but infiltrating nonmetastasizing fibromatosis appearing as small nodules that are unattached to the overlying skin and seen most frequently on the palms of children.

  • Aponeurotomy

    aponeurotomy aponeurotomy ap·o·neu·rot·o·my (āp’ə-nu-rŏt’ə-mē, -nyu-) n. Incision into an aponeurosis.

  • Apopemptic

    pertaining to leave-taking or departing; valedictory. Obsolete. a farewell address; valedictory.

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