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of or relating to .
having or inclined to .
intense enough to threaten or cause :
an apoplectic rage.
a person having or predisposed to .
Contemporary Examples

It is a seething, boiling, roiling, apoplectic revulsion at the very idea of unions.
Can a Senator Stop a Union? Bob Corker Is Certainly Trying Michael Tomasky February 13, 2014

Republican leaders were apoplectic and anxious to exact retribution.
The Man Who Brought Down Spitzer Scott Horton December 8, 2008

Editors were apoplectic, and they showed it by quitting en masse, leaving Mays to pick up the pieces.
It Was All a Dream: Drama, Bullshit, and the Rebirth of The Source Magazine Alex Suskind October 13, 2014

Studios such as Disney and Paramount are apoplectic about the billions of dollars in revenue being lost to rampant online piracy.
Can Chris Dodd Save Hollywood? Lois Romano May 23, 2011

In the immediate aftermath of the oil spill, apoplectic Southerners cast their disdain towards the North.
Deepwater Horizon: Life Drowning in Oil Samuel Fragoso November 1, 2014

Historical Examples

He had been working in his ground, and suddenly fell down in an apoplectic fit.
An Account of the English Colony in New South Wales, Vol. 1 David Collins

The woes of the apoplectic mate had begun to bore him long before.
Chance Joseph Conrad

Mr. Jobling’s purple visage and pendulous jowl spoke plainly the apoplectic and painful nature of his emotions.
The White Blackbird Hudson Douglas

This one was dropsical, the other subject to apoplectic fits.
The Nabob Alphonse Daudet

Mr. Burgwyn was suffering from an apoplectic stroke, and was lying insensible.
Plantation Sketches Margaret Devereux

of or relating to apoplexy
(informal) furious
a person having apoplexy

1610s, “involving apoplexy,” from French apoplectique (16c.), from Latin apoplecticus, from Greek apoplektikos “disabled by a stroke, crippled, struck dumb,” from apoplektos, verbal adjective of apoplessein (see apoplexy). Meaning “showing symptoms of apoplexy” (1721) gradually shaded into “enraged, very angry.”

apoplectic ap·o·plec·tic (āp’ə-plěk’tĭk)
Relating to, having, or predisposed to apoplexy.
ap’o·plec’ti·cal·ly adv.


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