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Apostle pitcher

a stoneware pitcher decorated in relief with figures of the apostles.


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  • Apostle plant

    a plant, Neomarica northiana, of the iris family, native to Brazil, having large, fragrant white and violet flowers, and often cultivated as a houseplant.

  • Apostle spoon

    a spoon having at the end of the handle the figure of one of the 12 apostles, formerly given as a christening present. noun a silver spoon with a figure of one of the Apostles on the handle

  • Apostles’ creed

    a creed, dating back to about a.d. 400, traditionally ascribed to Christ’s apostles and having widespread acceptance in the Christian church. It begins “I believe in God the Father Almighty.”. noun a concise statement of Christian beliefs dating from about 500 ad, traditionally ascribed to the Apostles

  • Apostles, the twelve

    apostles, the twelve The twelve men chosen by Jesus to follow him and to spread the gospel after his death. They included Peter, James, John, Thomas, Matthew, and Judas Iscariot (who was later replaced). Paul, even though he was not one of the Twelve, is generally considered an apostle because of his crucial role in […]

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