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of or characteristic of an .
pertaining to or characteristic of the 12 .
derived from the in regular succession.
of or relating to the pope; papal.
Contemporary Examples

Even the U.K. maintains an apostolic mission that, until 2005, was always filled by British Catholics.
Prosecute the Pope Geoffrey Robertson March 31, 2010

The apostolic Nuncio to Syria, Mario Zenari urged caution “until we have concrete news.”
Killing the Peacemaker Jamie Dettmer August 14, 2013

It would have been the women who had come with the apostolic band to Jerusalem but who presumably did not need to fear arrest.
Do We Know if There Was Really An Empty Tomb? Bart D. Ehrman April 18, 2014

The apostolic Tradition maintains that people should avoid professions where their values conflict with those of culture at large.
St. Hippolytus’ Careers Christians Should Never Have Candida Moss May 3, 2014

of, relating to, deriving from, or contemporary with the Apostles
of or relating to the teachings or practice of the Apostles
of or relating to the pope regarded as chief successor of the Apostles

early 15c., from French apostolique or directly from Church Latin apostolicus, from Greek apostolikos, from apostolos (see apostle). Apostolical also is early 15c.


Read Also:

  • Apostolic age

    the earliest period of Christianity, lasting through the death of the last apostle.

  • Apostolic church

    the Christian church as founded by the apostles. (def 2).

  • Apostolic delegate

    a representative of the pope in a country that has no regular diplomatic relations with the Vatican. noun (RC Church) a representative of the pope sent to countries that do not have full or regular diplomatic relations with the Holy See

  • Apostolic fathers

    the fathers of the early Christian church whose lives overlapped those of any of the apostles. the collection of works attributed to them. plural noun the Fathers of the early Church who immediately followed the Apostles

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