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a perpendicular from the center of a regular polygon to one of its sides.
Historical Examples

The “apothem is a perpendicular from the vertex of a pyramid on a side of the base.”
The Solution of the Pyramid Problem Robert Ballard

I have mentioned the above to show how very nearly these ratios agree with my exact ratio of 21 to 34 half base to apothem.
The Solution of the Pyramid Problem Robert Ballard

A peculiarity of this pyramid is, that base is to altitude as apothem is to half base.
The Solution of the Pyramid Problem Robert Ballard

In any pyramid, the apothem is to half the base as the area of the four sides is to the area of the base.
The Solution of the Pyramid Problem Robert Ballard

the perpendicular line or distance from the centre of a regular polygon to any of its sides


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