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Appalachian dulcimer

(def 2).


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  • Appalachian mountains

    a mountain range in E North America, extending from S Quebec province to N Alabama. Highest peak, Mt. Mitchell, 6684 feet (2037 meters). Contemporary Examples The spine of the Appalachian Mountains is being obliterated to gouge out the seams of black coal. Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco Chronicle Mining Catastrophes in West Virginia Chris Hedges, […]

  • Appalachian trail

    a hiking trail extending through the Appalachian Mountains from central Maine to N Georgia. 2050 miles (3300 km) long. Contemporary Examples Of all the speculation the past few days, nude hiking on the Appalachian Trail was my favorite. Sanford May Have to Take a Hike, After All Kathleen Parker June 23, 2009 I didn’t want […]

  • Appalachian spring

    a dance (1944) choreographed by Martha Graham, with musical score by Aaron Copland.

  • Appalachian tea

    the leaves of any of certain plants of the genus Ilex of the eastern U.S., as the shrub I. glabra, sometimes used as a tea. a plant yielding such leaves.

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