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the defendant or respondent in an appellate proceeding.
Historical Examples

In case you find his decision right, bring both the appellant and the appellee to the panglima.
Studies in Moro History, Law, and Religion Najeeb M. Saleeby

The party appealing is called appellant; the adverse party is the appellee or respondent.
The Government Class Book Andrew W. Young

Wickham for appellant and Campbell for appellee cited ancient laws and treaties as far back as 1662.
The Life of John Marshall (Volume 2 of 4) Albert J. Beveridge

(law) a person who is accused or appealed against

1530s, from Anglo-French (late 14c.), from Old French apelé (Modern French appelé) “accused, defendant,” noun use of past participle of appeler “to call, address;” see appeal + -ee.


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