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hand clapping as a demonstration of approval, appreciation, acclamation, or the like.
any positive expression of appreciation or approval; acclamation.
Contemporary Examples

Neither do I. But, several rounds of applause and a standing ovation later, Les Misérables proved all the naysayers wrong.
‘Les Miserables’ Is New Frontrunner for Best Picture Oscar Marlow Stern November 25, 2012

“The nation is divided, David, because of attitudes like that,” Huntsman said to applause from the audience.
Best Moments from the NBC’s Sunday New Hampshire Debate (Video) The Daily Beast Video January 7, 2012

Gingrich is a strong debater, agile enough even to turn a question about past marital infidelity into an applause line.
Mitt Romney Faces High Stakes in NBC Debate With Surging Newt Gingrich Howard Kurtz January 22, 2012

The stunt earned her zero applause at the end of the performance, making her exit from the stage all the more uncomfortable.
Lana Del Rey, Sinead O’Connor & More Worst ‘SNL’ Performances (Videos) Melissa Leon January 19, 2012

Half the crowd exploded in applause and cheers; the other side erupted in boos and shouts.
‘Hee Haw’ Meets ‘Gong Show’ at Fancy Farm Sam Youngman August 2, 2014

Historical Examples

There was no applause, which chilled the singers and everybody else.
The Memoirs of Victor Hugo Victor Hugo

Her applause was not languid applause, neither was it without discrimination.
The Foolish Lovers St. John G. Ervine

When she got through, there was a round of applause throughout the company.
Gordon Keith Thomas Nelson Page

When I came on to the stage I was always greeted by applause from these young men.
My Double Life Sarah Bernhardt

There was a murmur of applause as the bearers set down the stretcher and displayed a goodly cask.
The Black Arrow Robert Louis Stevenson

appreciation or praise, esp as shown by clapping the hands

early 15c., from Latin applausus, past participle of applaudere “approve by clapping hands” (see applaud).


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