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Apple islander

(Austral, informal) a native or inhabitant of Tasmania


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  • Apple isle

    . noun (Austral, informal) the Apple Isle, Tasmania

  • Applejack

    a brandy distilled from fermented cider; . fermented cider. an alcoholic beverage consisting of the unfrozen liquid that remains after freezing fermented cider. Chiefly North Carolina and British Dialect. an turnover. Historical Examples I regarded him keenly, then I went to the decanter and poured out for him a stiff glass of applejack. A Village […]

  • Apple jelly nodules

    apple jelly nodules apple jelly nodules ap·ple jelly nodules (āp’əl) n. The papular lesions of lupus vulgaris as they appear on diascopy.

  • Appleknocker

    Northern U.S. a rustic. a farm laborer, especially a fruit picker.

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