Apple newton

apple newton
A Personal Digital Assistant produced by Apple Computer. The Newton provides a clever, user-friendly interface and relies solely on pen-based input. Eagerly anticipated, the Newton uses handwriting recognition software to “learn” the users handwriting and provide reliable character recognition.
Various third-party software applications are available and add-on peripherals like wireless modems for Internet access are being sold by Apple Computer, Inc. and its licensees.
Newton Inc.’s NewtonOS competes with Microsoft Corporation’s Windows CE, and was to be compatible with DEC’s StrongARM SA-1100, an embedded 200MHz microprocessor, which was due in 1998.
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Historical Examples

A hint from apple newton that Mr. Spencer was a teller of stories drew forth a wild clamor from the boys for his services.
The Boy Scout Treasure Hunters Charles Henry Lerrigo

“Why should anyone want to go after him,” interrupted apple newton.
The Boy Scout Treasure Hunters Charles Henry Lerrigo

Perhaps he would have made open rebellion but for apple newton, who though not in the same patrol was helping in the work.
The Boy Scout Treasure Hunters Charles Henry Lerrigo

“We came to help our friend, Mr. Spencer,” explained apple newton.
The Boy Scout Treasure Hunters Charles Henry Lerrigo

It was apple newton who spoke and his speaking was the signal for a perfect babel of suggestions and guesses.
The Boy Scout Treasure Hunters Charles Henry Lerrigo

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