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Apples and pears

plural noun
(Cockney, rhyming slang) stairs Often shortened to apples


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  • Apples of the hesperides

    the golden apples given to Hera as a wedding gift. They were in the safekeeping of the Hesperides and of the dragon Ladon.

  • Apples to oranges

    noun an unfair comparison, as between things that cannot be evaluated according to the same criteria noun phrase An unfair comparison

  • Applescript

    applescript language An object-oriented shell language for the Macintosh, approximately a superset of HyperTalk. (1995-12-10)

  • Appleseed, johnny

    appleseed, johnny An American folk hero who established an apple tree nursery in Pennsylvania in the early nineteenth century. For decades, he traveled through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, planting apple seeds and encouraging the settlers to start orchards. His real name was John Chapman.

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