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a person who for or requests something; a candidate:
an applicant for a position.
Contemporary Examples

If the visa is rejected without explanation, the applicant is on the list.
Exclusive: Putin Imposes Secret Sanctions on Pro-Gay Obama Campaign Donors Josh Rogin May 1, 2014

But the agency is obligated under the law to inquire about an applicant’s activities.
IRS Deems Pro-Israel Group ‘Touch and Go’ Sarah Posner June 25, 2013

How does the applicant compare to a sibling that we took/didn’t take?
F-Bombs and ‘Jorts’: 9 Craziest College Rejection Reasons Kristina Dell April 5, 2011

Teach for America has seen its applicant pool rise by 50 percent over 2007 and the Peace Corps is up 16 percent.
Is This the Worst Year to Graduate College Ever? Zac Bissonnette March 8, 2009

That happened last year to Cody Slaughter, a 22-year-old applicant from Somerton, Ariz.
On Polygraph Tests, Would-Be Border Patrol Agents Confess to Crimes Andrew Becker April 3, 2013

Historical Examples

Upon filing such application the applicant shall pay to the Minister of the Interior a fee of five dollars.
Patent Laws of the Republic of Hawaii Hawaii

Who is going to say whether an applicant is competent to pilot a balloon or airship?
Flying Machines W.J. Jackman and Thos. H. Russell

They don’t give any applicant all he can eat, but they try to make the supply go ’round, giving each one a little.
John Wesley, Jr. Dan B. Brummitt

I bade the applicant enter in peace: and Margaret presented herself.
In Convent Walls Emily Sarah Holt

The old lady was telling her son, a young man, that an applicant for the situation of help in the yard, was sleeping above.
The Swamp Doctor’s Adventures in The South-West John Robb

a person who applies, as for a job, grant, support, etc; candidate

“one who applies,” late 15c., from Latin applicantem (nominative applicans), present participle of applicare (see apply).


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