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Application server

application server

1. A designer’s or developer’s suite of software that helps programmers isolate the business logic in their programs from the platform-related code. Application servers can handle all of the application logic and connectivity found in client-server applications. Many application servers also offer features such as transaction management, clustering and failover, and load balancing; nearly all offer ODBC support.
Application servers range from small footprint, web-based processors for intelligent appliances or remote embedded devices, to complete environments for assembling, deploying, and maintaining scalable multi-tier applications across an enterprise.
2. Production programs run on a mid-sized computer that handle all application operations between browser-based computers and an organisation’s back-end business applications or databases. The application server works as a translator, allowing, for example, a customer with a browser to search an online retailer’s database for pricing information.
3. The device on which application server software runs. Application Service Providers offer commercial access to such devices.
Citrix Application Serving White Paper (http://citrix.com/press/corpinfo/application_serving_wp_0700.pdf).
Application Server Sites, a list maintained by Vayda & Herzum (http://componentfactory.org/links/appl.htm).
The Application Server Zone at DevX, (http://appserver-zone.com/default.asp).
TechMetrix Research’s Application Server Directory, (http://techmetrix.com/trendmarkers/techmetrixasd.php3).


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