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Applications software

Computers. a program used for a particular application (opposed to ).
a computer program that is written and designed for a specific need or purpose

application program


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  • Applicative

    usable or capable of being used; practical; applicatory. adjective relevant or applicable

  • Applicative language

    applicative language language A functional language. Sometimes used loosely for any declarative language though logic programming languages are declarative but not applicative. (1995-12-24)

  • Applicative order reduction

    applicative order reduction programming An evaluation strategy under which an expression is evaluated by repeatedly evaluating its leftmost innermost redex. This means that a function’s arguments are evaluated before the function is applied. This method will not terminate if a function is given a non-terminating expression as an argument even if the function is not […]

  • Applicator

    a simple device, as a rod, spatula, or the like, for medication, cosmetics, glue, or any other substance not usually touched with the fingers. Historical Examples The ears are also carefully cleansed with a squeezed-out dip of boracic acid on the applicator. The Mother and Her Child William S. Sadler By touching the surface with […]

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