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a person who is .
a beneficiary under a legal .
Contemporary Examples

Obama was right to call for a 90-day up-or-down vote for appointees, no matter who is president next year at this time.
6 Worthy Policy Ideas From Obama’s 2012 State of the Union Speech John Avlon January 24, 2012

“Perry appointees are all subject to Senate review and confirmation,” Sullivan said.
Rick Perry Offered State Jobs to Personal Business Contacts Daniel Stone November 17, 2011

Karzai reacted by essentially firing UN appointees from the supposedly independent Electoral Complaints Commission.
Karzai Bests Obama, For Now Leslie H. Gelb May 10, 2010

But seldom are the appointees so intimately associated with the prime minister.
God Save the Comb Over: David Cameron Rewards His Hairdresser with a National Honor Nico Hines January 6, 2014

However, Gates is insisting upon keeping his existing staff; Obama would prefer him to take on some of his appointees.
How Obama Wooed Hillary Nicholas Wapshott November 13, 2008

Historical Examples

The same blighting shadow cast itself over the prison system where appointees were selected with regard to their “political pull.”
Overshadowed Sutton E. Griggs

He was sixth on the list of appointees, the other five being made captains.
Paul Jones Hutchins Hapgood

Among these appointees are Judges, and other places that carry a great deal of influence with them.
The Unpopular Review Vol. I Various

If any had been mistreated, it was by the appointees of the crown.
An Historical Account of the Settlements of Scotch Highlanders in America J. P. MacLean

Paul Jones received it with more bitterness of spirit than pleasure, for he was only number eighteen in the list of appointees.
The Story of John Paul Jones Chelsea Curtis Fraser

a person who is appointed
(property law) a person to whom property is granted under a power of appointment

1768, after French appointé, from apointer (see appoint + -ee).


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