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the act of placing together or bringing into proximity; juxtaposition.
the addition or application of one thing to another thing.
Grammar. a syntactic relation between expressions, usually consecutive, that have the same function and the same relation to other elements in the sentence, the second expression identifying or supplementing the first. In Washington, our first president, the phrase our first president is in apposition with Washington.
Biology. growth of a cell wall by the deposition of new particles in layers on the wall.
Compare (def 2).
Historical Examples

The appositional construction seems to require such a form of government; but the form is only apparent.
The English Language Robert Gordon Latham

Similarly, when the object is a noun, it really follows the infinitive as an appositional genitive.
A Handbook of the Cornish Language Henry Jenner

If the object is not a pronoun, it follows the infinitive without change of initial, after the manner of an appositional genitive.
A Handbook of the Cornish Language Henry Jenner

(a) Pick out the possessive nouns, and tell whether each is appositional, objective, or subjective.
An English Grammar W. M. Baskervill and J. W. Sewell

The appositional construction is, in reality, a matter of concord rather than of gender.
The English Language Robert Gordon Latham

a putting into juxtaposition
a grammatical construction in which a word, esp a noun phrase, is placed after another to modify its meaning
(biology) growth in the thickness of a cell wall by the deposition of successive layers of material Compare intussusception (sense 2)

“application” (of one thing to another), mid-15c., originally in grammatical sense, from Latin appositionem (nominative appositio), noun of action from past participle stem of apponere “to put to” (see apposite). General sense is from 1540s.

apposition ap·po·si·tion (āp’ə-zĭsh’ən)

The putting in contact of two parts or substances.

The condition of being placed or fitted together.

The growth of successive layers of a cell wall.

ap’po·si’tion·al adj.
ap’po·si’tion·al·ly adv.


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