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Approach shot

Tennis. a hard, forcing shot usually made deep into the opponent’s court, allowing the player to move in toward the net for an offensive volley.
Golf. (def 16).
Historical Examples

The climax was reached at the next hole, when, with several strokes in hand, he topped his approach shot into a bunker.
Happy Days Alan Alexander Milne

He had reversed his play of the last hole, and was now relying on his approach shot for position.
The Half-Back Ralph Henry Barbour

So has the second, while there is an approach shot of much interest and delicacy to be played at the third.
The Golf Courses of the British Isles Bernard Darwin

The next hole was forty yards longer, and was played either in two short drives or one long drive and an approach shot.
The Half-Back Ralph Henry Barbour

(golf) Also called approach. a shot made to or towards the green after a tee shot
(tennis) a deep drive, usually hit with slice to keep the ball low, designed to enable the player to make an approach to the net


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