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mid-14c., from Old French aproprier, from Late Latin appropriare (see appropriate (v.)).


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  • Appropriable

    capable of being ; liable to be . Historical Examples A great many things, as we have shown in another place, are not appropriable. Appletons’ Popular Science Monthly, February 1899 Various

  • Appropriate

    suitable or fitting for a particular purpose, person, occasion, etc.: an appropriate example; an appropriate dress. belonging to or peculiar to a person; proper: Each played his appropriate part. to set apart, authorize, or legislate for some specific purpose or use: The legislature appropriated funds for the university. to take to or for oneself; take […]

  • Appropriacy

    noun the condition of delicate and precise fittingness of a word or expression to its context, even when it is chosen from a number of close synonyms

  • Appropriate technology

    noun a science or technology considered reasonable and suitable for a particular purpose, that conforms to existing cultural, economic, environmental, and social conditions Examples Appropriate technology is economically viable, regionally applicable, and sustainable.

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