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something subordinate to another, more important thing; adjunct; accessory.
Law. a right, privilege, or improvement belonging to and passing with a principal property.
appurtenances, apparatus; instruments.
Historical Examples

He also tooke and seized into his hands Penreth with the appurtenances.
Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland (2 of 6): England (9 of 12) Raphael Holinshed

Is my youth, with all its appurtenances, worth your acceptance?
A Little Union Scout Joel Chandler Harris

One sees the few houses and appurtenances like a speck on the coast, and north and south the long vast coastline.
Missing Friends Thorvald Weitemeyer

I tell you, three great and noble steeds, with saddles and appurtenances!
Peter Schlemihl Adelbert von Chamisso

The appurtenances of love mean much to me; nearness, warmth, caresses.
A Poor Man’s House Stephen Sydney Reynolds

The furniture and appurtenances were of the most recherché description.
The International Monthly Magazine, Volume 5, No. 1, January, 1852 Various

From these (appurtenances of the ship) these (appartments) were known (as the Kupayatthitapanagara).
Cultus Arborum Anonymous

The stranger did not seem very familiar with the appurtenances of the place.
Lucretia, Complete Edward Bulwer-Lytton

He handled even the stubborn wire tenderly, as a man might the appurtenances to a rite.
The Duke Of Chimney Butte G. W. Ogden

He one day swallowed an inkstandish, with all its appurtenances.
A World of Wonders Various

a secondary or less significant thing or part
(pl) accessories or equipment
(property law) a minor right, interest, or privilege which passes when the title to the principal property is transferred

“apparatus, gear,” late 14c.; see appurtenance.

c.1300, “right, privilege or possession subsidiary to a principal one,” from Anglo-French apurtenance (12c.), Old French apartenance, present participle of apartenir “be related to,” from Latin appertinere “to pertain to,” from ad- “to” (see ad-) + pertinere “belong to” (see pertain).


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