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from a general law to a particular instance; valid independently of observation.
Compare (def 1).
existing in the mind prior to and independent of experience, as a faculty or character trait.
Compare (def 2).
not based on prior study or examination; nonanalytic:
an a priori judgment.
Historical Examples

It is indeed possible that Kant himself regarded this objective necessity of time as contributing to the proof of its apriority.
A Commentary to Kant’s ‘Critique of Pure Reason’ Norman Kemp Smith

The apriority of all mathematical knowledge is open to serious questioning.
The Mystery of Space Robert T. Browne

This should settle, once for all, the question of apriority.
The Mystery of Space Robert T. Browne

In its apriority it can never be insane; insanity is a symptom of the morbid a posteriori.
The Mystery of Space Robert T. Browne

How completely unlike are the things which are here classed together under the conception of apriority!
The Basis of Morality Arthur Schopenhauer

(logic) relating to or involving deductive reasoning from a general principle to the expected facts or effects
(logic) known to be true independently of or in advance of experience of the subject matter; requiring no evidence for its validation or support
(statistics) See prior probability, mathematical probability

1710, “from cause to effect” (a logical term, in reference to reasoning), Latin, literally “from what comes first,” from priori, ablative of prior “first” (see prior (adj.)). Used loosely for “in accordance with previous knowledge” (1834).


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