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Historical Examples

I E an-apta is an negative prefix, and apta participle of ap attain.
The Dakotan Languages, and Their Relations to Other Languages Andrew Woods Williamson


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  • Apteral

    (of a classical temple) not having a surrounding colonnade; not peripteral. (of a church) having no aisles. (of a church façade) revealing no aisles. Historical Examples The female is apteral, but provided with a noisy apparatus for attracting the male’s attention. The Natural Philosophy of Love Remy de Gourmont adjective (esp of a classical temple) […]

  • Apteria

    one of the featherless portions of the skin of a bird.

  • Apterium

    one of the featherless portions of the skin of a bird.

  • Apterous

    Zoology. wingless, as some insects. Botany. without membranous expansions, as a stem. Historical Examples Male and female larv similar, apterous, naked or covered, active. An Account of the Insects Noxious to Agriculture and Plants in New Zealand W. M. Maskell Why it is, in the Insecta, that islands should predispose to an apterous state more […]

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