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Chiefly Pharmacology.

a liquid.
a solution, especially in .

a light greenish-blue color.
having the color aqua.
variant of .
Contemporary Examples

The MTA did try something similar on the west side yard of Penn Station: a giant tube full of water known as an aqua dam.
Hurricane Sandy’s Lesson for Flood-Proofing a Subway Josh Dzieza November 3, 2012

In this aqua blanket with its frayed edges I smelled home: warm laundry, bacon frying, coffee and cigarettes.
‘Tracing the Blue Light’: Read Chapter 1 of Eileen Cronin’s ‘Mermaid’ Eileen Cronin April 7, 2014

aqua Studio NYLocation: New York, NYPrice: $40 You could swim and you could bike, or you could cycle in the water.
12 Priciest Fitness Classes (Actually Worth the Splurge) DailyBurn February 2, 2014

From aqua Buddha to Wikileaks, 2010 gave us a bounty of new words for our political vocabulary.
The 2010 Political Dictionary from A to Z Samuel P. Jacobs December 11, 2010

Historical Examples

Hence the composition was named aqua Tofania, aqua della Toffana, and acquetta di Napoli.
Curiosities of Medical Experience J. G. (John Gideon) Millingen

If the precipitate fails to dissolve, it is treated with aqua regia.
Legal Chemistry A. Naquet

The elder Calabrian, whom they addressed as Cristofano, asked for a glass of aqua vit, which he handed respectfully to me.
Auriol W. Harrison Ainsworth

Ruins of it, as well as of the aqua Claudia, exist at the present day.
Quintus Claudius, Volume 1 of 2 Ernst Eckstein

That was all they wanted: their continual allowance of aqua vitae.
Sea and Sardinia D. H. Lawrence

A print from it, in aqua fortis, by Alessio Loyr, is mentioned Lett.
A Treatise on Painting Leonardo Da Vinci

noun (pl) aquae (ˈækwiː), aquas
water: used in compound names of certain liquid substances (as in aqua regia) or solutions of substances in water (as in aqua ammoniae), esp in the names of pharmacological solutions
short for aquamarine (sense 2)

“water,” late 14c.; see aqua-. Used in late Middle English in combinations to mean “decoction, solution” (cf. aqua regia, a mix of concentrated acids, literally “royal water,” so called for its power to dissolve gold and other “noble” metals). As the name of a light greenish-blue color, 1936.

word-forming element meaning “water,” from Latin aqua “water; the sea; rain,” cognate with Proto-Germanic *akhwo, source of Old English ea “river,” Gothic ahua “river, waters,” Old Norse Ægir, name of the sea-god, Old English ieg “island;” all from PIE *akwa- “water” (cf. Sanskrit ap “water,” Hittite akwanzi “they drink,” Lithuanian uppe “a river”).


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