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a glass-sided tank, bowl, or the like, in which fish or other living aquatic animals or plants are kept.
a building or institution in which fish or other aquatic animals or plants are kept for exhibit, study, etc.
Contemporary Examples

aquarium Drunkard When Phil Everly passed away most bloggers posted their favorite Everly Brothers performance in tribute.
The Best Music Blogs Howard Wolfson January 25, 2014

One of those bottom feeders you see going up the side of the aquarium.
The Best Scenes From Cormac McCarthy’s ‘The Counselor’ Screenplay Thomas Flynn October 26, 2013

Take your kids to the aquarium instead of shopping for the latest videogame.
Consumption Makes Us Sad? Science Says We Can Be Happy With Less Barry Schwartz January 13, 2012

Justin Age at aquarium Drunkard uncrated an obscure 1972 cover of “When Will I Be Loved” by Sandy Denny and Linda Thompson.
The Best Music Blogs Howard Wolfson January 25, 2014

We bought candy necklaces, went to the aquarium, rode tandem bikes, and I was very conscious of, ‘We’re all friends here.
Pedro Zamora, a Hero in the Real World Tim Teeman May 31, 2014

Historical Examples

But it was not till he met their father at the aquarium that Mr. Murray said a single word about Bertie Rivers.
Little Folks (Septemeber 1884) Various

He wanted to change the water of his aquarium, and required Marjorie to help him.
Chatterbox, 1906 Various

Cloth packets, one of which contained meat and the other cotton, were suspended at opposite ends of the aquarium.
The Outline of Science, Vol. 1 (of 4) J. Arthur Thomson

Cazell says at once, “If you want to see an aquarium you should go to Havre.”
Happy-Thought Hall F. C. Burnand

We can play there in the summer-time, and keep fish as safe as in an aquarium.
Sweethearts at Home S. R. Crockett

noun (pl) -riums, -ria (-rɪə)
a tank, bowl, or pool in which aquatic animals and plants are kept for pleasure, study, or exhibition
a building housing a collection of aquatic life, as for exhibition

1830, noun use of neuter of Latin aquarius “pertaining to water,” as a noun, “water-carrier,” genitive of aqua “water” (see aqua-). The word existed in Latin, but there it meant “drinking place for cattle.” Originally especially for growing aquatic plants; An earlier attempt at a name for “fish tank” was marine vivarium.


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