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of, like, or containing water; watery:
an aqueous solution.
(of rocks or sediments) formed of matter deposited in or by water.
Historical Examples

“Antichlors” are used as aqueous solutions and the dosage controlled in the same manner as for bleach solutions.
Chlorination of Water Joseph Race

The aqueous solution so obtained is then fermented to alcohol.
All About Coffee William H. Ukers

These conditions are very different from those of the present-day chemistry, which is the chemistry of aqueous solutions.
The Mechanism of Life Stphane Leduc

An aqueous extract of the mass may be used for a similar purpose.
Appletons’ Popular Science Monthly, May, 1900 Various

The wearing away of rocks by wind and water has furnished the materials out of which the aqueous rocks have been made.
Earth and Sky Every Child Should Know Julia Ellen Rogers

This aqueous vapor is invisible when perfectly in union with the air.
The Mosaic History of the Creation of the World Thomas Wood

Of aqueous solutions he tried 150 and more, and found the power in all of them.
Faraday As A Discoverer John Tyndall

But both are called “aqueous rocks,” because they are formed under water.
The Story of the Hills H. N. Hutchinson

A disease consisting in a sense of heat in the epigastrium, with copious eructations of aqueous humour, S.
An Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish Language John Jamieson

There are also minute quantities of carbon dioxide, aqueous vapour, and ammonia.
Getting Gold J. C. F. Johnson

of, like, or containing water
dissolved in water: aqueous ammonia
(of rocks, deposits, etc) formed from material laid down in water

1640s, from Latin aqua “water” (see aqua-) on analogy of French aqueux “watery” (16c., which, however, is from Late Latin aquosus “abounding in water”). Or by analogy of Latin terreus “earthy,” from terra “earth.” Aqueous humor is the original use in English.

aqueous a·que·ous (ā’kwē-əs, āk’wē-)
Relating to, similar to, containing, or dissolved in water; watery.

Chemistry Relating to or dissolved in water.

Geology Formed from matter deposited by water. Certain sedimentary rocks, such as limestone, are aqueous.


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